"CİB" service

Mobile devices have become an integral part of modern life. People carry their mobile phones anywhere and at all times. Modern mobile phones are designed not only for calls, voice and text messaging, but for wider, functional operations.
The National Card has decided to merge the mobile phone and money, taking into account the latest trends, and presented the most innovative mobile banking operation in the market. Through this solution, users can easily manage their card assets and stay informed about their financial status, and banks can expand their portfolio of products to their customers.
National Card's CIB mobile banking solution provides comprehensive financial services, along with full range of mobile banking features, provides various payment and transfer opportunities. CIB is based on the mobile banking appendix and server attachment downloaded into the operating system of the mobile device. Mobile additionally supports basic mobile platforms and covers up to 95% of marketable devices. Mobile banking solution is the only service that covers the full functionality of online banking systems. The only solution that allows any bank to access any bank's cards is that no additional bank is owned by a mobile banking solution. The CIB solution also differs with high security, which in turn ensures that the operations are carried out in the most effective way. The attachment dimensions are approximately 200kB-3000kB. CIB can be downloaded from http://apple.co/1L5eEy7 for iOS users and http://bit.ly/1GULm2b for Android users. CBU is completely free. The full functionality of the solution is as follows:
Account management
- Managing one account from different devices
Card management
- Adding any number of cards
- Balance checking
- Acquisition of extracts on operations
- Issuing any name to the cards
- New card activation
- Multiple currency support
- Canceling the card
 Money Transfers and Payments  
- Payments
- Money transfers
- Creating templates for regular payments and transfers
- Obtaining extracts