The "Pochtap" social project started on March 2, 2017 by Azerpost LLC, the Ministry of Transport, Communication and High Technologies. Lost documents within the project are returned to the owner.
Documents found by the citizens since the day of this service are accepted by the post offices, the owners are sought, and, if found, to the owners of the documents, or otherwise, to the relevant authority. Thus, anyone can accidentally hand over the document to any mailbox or to the post office with anonymity. The document included in the mail is registered in the relevant program and automatically searches for the contact's contact details and contacts with the person are found contact.
The missing person can find out whether he has found a document from the "Pochtap" service website at www.pochtap.az, "169" or any post office and can not place a note about the missing document.
Thus, it is possible to place the announcement on the lost document by entering the necessary information into the appropriate boxes by selecting the section "I have lost my document" on the website www.pochtap.az.
In addition, it is possible to search the information in the "Search" section for information about the lost document on the basis of the "Pochtap" service, the current status of the document, the postal branch and its division, and the period of storage.
If the lost document is found and displayed on the system, the citizen can call the Call Center 169 after paying the state fee, and then forward the found document to the post office near him. In the end, the citizen can go to the post office and take the document.
Persons found within the "postal" service can pay 1.80 AZN and pay for it. The period of validity of the document in postal establishments is 30 days.
If the document is delivered to any address, the shipping fee is calculated according to the service tariffs of Azerekspresspost(EMS).