Commission fee depends on the country and the amount sent
Currency - US Dollar
Transfer time - immediately
Coverage - More than 200 countries, more than 2,400,000 polling stations
Tariffs on "Western Union" instant money transfer system
Required to send money:
1. To provide the postal operator with a document confirming your identity (ID card for country citizens, foreign passport for foreign nationals);
2. To indicate the country of destination, amount, sender's surname, name and patronymic;
3. Submit the amount to be sent and the commission for the relocation (defined by tariffs) to the postal operator;
4. To check the information indicated in the application form, which is intended to be sent;
5. Sign the relevant documents by allowing the delivery of the information, if it is correct;
6. Notify the recipient of the 10-digit number and amount provided to you by the postal office, and inform the recipient that he / she can receive the Western Union points.
Required to withdraw money:
1. To provide the postal operator with a document confirming your identity (ID card for nationals, foreign passport for foreign citizens);
2. To indicate the number of transfer to the postal operator;
3. Say the amount of the transfer, the country and the sender's surname, name and patronymic name.
Special terms:
• Money transfers are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Rules on Currency Operations for Residents and Non-residents in the Republic of Azerbaijan)
• Individuals may send a money transfer of up to 1,000 (min) USD during the day and not exceeding 10,000 (ten thousand) US dollars within a month without opening an account;
• Individuals must apply to Azerpost LLC customer service offices to send more than USD 1,000. When you submit relevant documents about first-degree relationships, you may be able to transfer money by opening a current account on your behalf.