The favorable geostrategic position of Azerbaijan, the formation of regional and international transport corridors in our republic as a result of the purposeful policy pursued by the President of Azerbaijan and the transformation of Baku into a large transport and logistics center have created new opportunities for our country in terms of transportation and delivery of international electronic commodity goods. Using these opportunities, the project is currently underway in the area of ​​functioning of the Azerbaijani Post as a regional transit mail center (HUB) for the implementation of interstate electronic commerce.
For this purpose, a cooperation agreement was signed between Azerpost LLC and Silk Way Airline, which has extensive international aviation capabilities, and started operating in July 2016.
The project envisages the delivery of e-commerce products from China to the main cargo hub of the world through the local courier company operating in this country through the Silk Way Airline and imported to Azerbaijan and transmitted to the CIS and other countries as mail by Azerpost . Thus, the post size is transited to 17 countries (USA, Germany, Austria, Belarus, Great Britain, Czech Republic, France, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Spain, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine). .
At the same time, the EMS items sent from the US and Germany are sent to the Russian Federation through the Azerpost LLC on the basis of a contract signed between the EMS service of Azerpost and the Estonian postal service. At present, negotiations are underway with other companies operating in China, South Korea and Singapore as part of the project expansion, and in the near future, e-commerce products are expected to be shipped to overseas markets in larger volumes.