Commission fee - starting at 0.3%
Currency - manat, USD / euro / ruble
Maximum amount - 20,000 USD, 15,000 EUR or 600,000 RUB
Transfer time - up to 10 minutes
Coverage - Azerbaijan, CIS countries, Turkey, Georgia
Tariffs on Zolotaya Korona Instant Remittance System
Required to send money:
1. To provide the postal operator with a document confirming your identity (ID card for country citizens, foreign passport for foreign nationals);
2. To indicate the country, city, amount, sender's surname, name and patronymic name of money transfer;
3. Submit the amount to be sent and the commission for the relocation (defined by tariffs) to the postal operator;
4. To check the information indicated in the application form, which is intended to be sent;
5. Sign the relevant documents by allowing the delivery of the information, if it is correct;
6. To inform the buyer about the 9 digit number and amount provided to you by the postal office and to inform the service points, which can receive the money sent by the "Zolotaya Korona" money transfer system on the opposite side.
Required to withdraw money:
1. To provide the postal operator with a document confirming your identity (ID card for nationals, foreign passport for foreign citizens);
2. To indicate the number of transfer to the postal operator;
3. Say the amount of the transfer, the country and the sender's surname, name and patronymic name.
Special terms:
• Money transfers are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Rules on Currency Operations for Residents and Non-residents in the Republic of Azerbaijan)
• Individuals may send money transferring up to 1000 (min) USD during the day and not exceeding 10,000 (ten thousand) USD per month, without opening an account;
• Individuals must apply to Azerpost LLC customer service offices to send more than USD 1,000. When you provide relevant documentation about first-degree relationships, you may be able to transfer money by opening a current account on your behalf.