SMS alert service


Azerpost LLC offers its cardholders "SMS Delivery Service", which provides e-banking services.
Want to know how much money you have on your card?
When did this money be credited?
Where and when was it spent?
Increase card security?
This is very easy. Connect an SMS-notification service and you'll see everything on your mobile phone's screen! SMS Promotion is an information service of Azerpost LLC. You can manage your account without leaving the home or office via SMS-Notification Service. You will be automatically notified of all transactions on your payment card account through this service online. When sending cash to your account, or sending out your account, it will send an SMS notification to your mobile phone. Therefore, you will be immediately informed about your payment, your money transfer, and other card transactions. 7 days a day and 24 hours a day, regardless of your date and time, your payment card account will be under your control.
Advantages of the system
Access to any mobile number of the service (Azercell, Bakcell, Nar Mobile);
Failure to charge your mobile number balance for each SMS (monthly fee will be deducted from your card account)
An SMS message will be sent, confirming that you have joined the mobile phone after the confirmation operation. If you do not receive a message, call the Call Center of "MilliKart" LLC (994124312202).
Possibility to subscribe to the service from the ATMs of the banks entering the MilliKart network;
Possibility to connect any mobile number to the service;
Without changing the card of your mobile operator in your phone;
Without applying to Mobile Operators branches;
Receiving real-time information;
Not dependent on location and time.
Within the "SMS Alert" service you get the following services:
• Online information on cash flows to the account;
• Information about the account balance on the payment card;
You can access the service number 8893 by directing your SMS request:
• Block payment card (request form: STOP);
• Obtaining information on current balance (format of inquiry: BALANS);
• Get a small account on the payment card (the request format: STATE);
• Learn the current status of the card (the format of the request: STATUS);
• Obtain a list of all your payment cards (format of inquiry: CLIST);
• Change the language of received SMS messages (format of request: LANG);
• Get a list of polls (format of request: HELP).
When joining the service through an ATM, the fee will automatically be deducted from "Azerpost" LLC's "Payments Card".
The monthly cost of the service is 1 AZN (free on wage cards).
1. Select "Services" in the menu of the ATM.
2. In the "Services" menu, select "SMS-Banking".
3. Select "Activate" in the "SMS-Banking" menu. At the same time, it is possible to deactivate the service or replace the future mobile phone number in this menu.
4. Enter the mobile number for the service activation.
5. Enter the mobile number again.
6. Enter the service usage period.
7. The service will be activated after confirming the commission fee for service.
Be always aware of your account with our SMS Alert!