Setting and sending databases 
Domestic and suburban items, long-term food products, plants, printing products, pharmaceuticals, fruits, vegetables and other items are sent to the premises. In international conventions, items of cultural and household purpose, food items, printed products, plants, medicines, as well as other items and goods not permitted by law are permitted to be imported into the destination country.
It should be fitted with the coatings, cranes, tanks, lamps, and soft lids. The method of blocking is made by the senders. Nevertheless, it should be able to handle the items within the container, to the length of the road, to be dispatched, to avoid damaging, to dispose of any other bulk items, and to avoid any injury to the employees of the PA.
The sender completes the CN23 custom declaration for each international connection. The customs declaration specifies the name, address, country of destination, surname and weight of each item sent, as well as the sender's address and password. The items are not compulsory for general exposure. The customs declaration is issued in the English, French or English language understood.