Fast mail service
The EMS shipping composition may consist of documents or goods or both. EMS Shipping must not contain commodities that are prohibited from shipment within domestic, courier or international shipping. For the goods permitted only for international shipment, the sender must submit the required documents.
The maximum weight for the internal and courier EMS shipment is 50 kg. The length of the EMS shipping (length, width, height) should not exceed the length of the largest circle measured in any direction other than 1.5 m or its length, but not more than 3 m.
The weight and dimensions of the International EMS Submission should not exceed the weight and dimensions specified by the destination country.
At the time of admission, the items are clearly posted, posting and sealing with the sender's sender (stamped in exchange offices by mail service employees, can be activated and re-sealed). Packaging must comply with the following requirements:
• Each item should be packed according to the nature of its composition, as well as the type and duration of the transport,
• Each item should be packed in such a way that it does not pose a threat to the workers who process it, nor does it pollute or damage other postal items and postal equipment,
• glassware and other fragile goods should be packaged in solid containers filled with suitable protective materials. Packaging should be such that during transportation, any friction or blows between items themselves, as well as between objects and the walls of the box,
• Liquid or fluid materials should be filled with high quality hermetic containers. Each container should be placed in a special box, which is a suitable protective material that can absorb the fluid in the container if it is broken. The lid of the box should be fastened so that it can easily be opened when necessary,
• Liquid substances that are easily disposed of liquid, such as cream, liquid soap, resin and so on. should be packed in the box, in the fibrous part, in the plastic container, and then placed in a sufficiently firm second box that protects the inside of the container from fool,
• dry, dye powder, eg blue aniline, etc. should be packed in high quality hermetic metal containers and these containers should also be placed in solid containers containing adequate amounts of absorbent and protective material,
• Store dry, non-dye powder in tight containers and pack containers, in turn, should be packed into solid containers,
• The lightweight colored half should be pasted in the manner specified in the Convention (article PK 126) to the side of the address of the dispatcher, which is urgently needed medicines or samples of chemicals,
• things that are usually not commercially available, parts of a piece, such as a piece of wood, a piece of metal and so on. packing is not required. In this case, the title should be directly attached to the item.
Once packed and stamped, one piece of paper is shipped electronically along with the half mesh and the gross weight of the shipment (the weight of the shipment with the box). The price of the service is determined by the weight of the brutto. After that, the address is filled in and the receipt is filled. The sender's portion of the shipping address and the original receipt are issued to the customer.