How to send the postal?

Addresses of the sender and the address are sent by the sender on postal items, in baggage accompanying documents, on delivery forms and in remittance forms. These services can be performed by the post office at the request of the sender, based on the appropriate payment for the additional service.

The postal address should be accurate and complete. In the United States, it is not allowed to display shortened names and non-address signs.

The address of the address is written down in the lower right part of the mailing address, without the space between the lines and the letters of the words.

The sender's address is written in the upper left part of the mailing address.

In the address dispatches, the sender and the addressee's name, surname and postal address will be displayed in the postal item used, the escort address and the money transfer form.

Address information of the addressee on the internal mail is written in Azerbaijani in the following sequence:

For individuals - last name, first name, patronymic of the addressee, for legal entities - the full name of the enterprise, administration and organization, the name and surname of the recipient. Simple and ordered postcards, letters and wrappers (except for "Required" items) may only contain the name and surname of the addressee. Mailing address addressed to non-residential areas without street and house numbers shall contain the full name of the address, name and patronymic of the address.

The name of the street, the house and apartment number, the name of the settlement, the postal code and the name of the district, the name of the autonomous republic (for the items addressed to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic). When the mail is addressed to the city, the postal code is written before the city's name.
Domestic and International Mailing and Money Transfer Required or Addressed to a Subscription Box The following information will be displayed after the name, surname, and patronymic of the addressee:
- "Required" box ("Subscription box");
- the name of the parking lot, the district;
- name of the post office of the destination;
-Postal code;
- country of destination (for international postal items).
Instead of the address, name, and patronymic of the address, it may be written on the address of the "post-requisite" mailing number.
Address information on postal items must be clearly marked or printed with a pen (except for red, yellow, green). Postage can be pasted on manually written or printed address space.
The name, surname and postal address of the recipient on the international mail is written by Latin letters and Arabic numerals. The recipient's address should be accurate and complete. When the postal address is written in the country of destination, the name of the settlement and the country of destination is repeated in Azerbaijani (in capital letters).
The sender's name, surname and postal address are written in Azerbaijani or Latin letters and Arabic numerals. When the postal address is written in Azerbaijani, the name of the settlement and the country under it is repeated in Latin letters (in capital letters).
Registered postal items and remittances are not accepted for shipment unless the sender's address is specified.
In addition to the name and postal address of the legal entity, bank requisites are also provided on the forms of remittances sent or addressed by legal entities.
In the form of remittance sent to the address of the bank to be transferred to the personal accounts of individuals, the personal account number and necessary bank details of the physical person are displayed.
The names and postal addresses of the sender and the sender in the forms of international remittances are indicated in either the language or Latin letters and Arabic numerals specified in bilateral agreements.
The amount of money sent by money transfer should be written in clear and unclear, and the letters and figures should not be erased and blocked.
The stated price of postal items should be indicated in manats, in full numbers. The amount of the declared price and the terms of repayment shall be indicated in figures and letters.
The sender of the binding must issue an order on what to do with the courier if it is impossible for the binding to be sent to the recipient. In international conventions, this order is also marked in a special section attached to the face of the cover.
The sender may refer to several mailboxes residing in the same address (except for "Required" or submissions to the subscription box). In such cases, the mail will be sent to one of the recipients.
Postcode on internal mail and postcards is written in black or blue ink with letters and numbers in the style specified in the specific location.
Specification of the recipient's and sender's postal addresses is not the responsibility of the mail service operator.