"PIN change" service

If you want to change your PIN for any reason, please use the PIN change service.

At any time of the day, you can change the PIN-code issued by Azerpost LLC to any comfortable 4 digit combination, using the Bank ATMs in the MilliKart network.

The customer can use this service to replace the plastic card PIN with any 4 digit code. The cost of using "PIN-Change" service is 1 AZN for all cards.

In order to use "PIN-Change" service, the plastic card holder of "Azerpost" LLC should carry out the following stages by means of an ATM:

1.Plastic card is included in cash dispenser;

2. Language selection is carried out;

3.Cart code is dialed;

4. Transition to the "Services" section;

5. "PIN-Change" service is selected;

6. The new 4-digit code is dialed, the "ENTER" button is pressed;

7. The new code is recalibrated and the "ENTER" button is pressed.

Replacement of PIN-code in ATMs is possible with all payment cards of "Azerpost" LLC. The number of PIN-code changes is not limited.


 Attention! In order to protect against fraudulent activity during the creation of a new PIN with payment cards

- Do not use simple figure combinations as well as your date of birth,

- The new PIN is not reflected on the check 

- If you forgot your new, changed PIN, it will not be possible to recover it. In this case, card replacement should be performed.