International post money transfer

By approaching any post office of Azerpost individuals can send money abroad or receive money sent by their relatives living abroad. International postal money transfers are international postal money transfer systems owned by Azerpost LLC. Such postal money transfer can be sent by a natural person, and only then is being exchanged with Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Georgia and Moldova. International postal money transfers are possible between post offices of 9 states marked with Azerpost LLC, the transfer is up to 2 days.
Sending and payment of money transfer is carried out in manats. The party is paid in national or foreign currency according to the legislation of the country.
International postal money transfer is targeted, postal code of the paying department must be indicated. The transfer is payable in the usual post office with the index indicated in the usual order, name, surname, patronymic or code.
The maximum amount of remittance varies depending on the country.