"Azerpost" LLC carries out domestic and foreign currency transfers from its current accounts based on the payment order provided by its customers in the national currency through the Central Bank's payment systems through its reputable foreign banks accounts.
Domestic transfers
  • Conducted in national currency
  • Transfers are carried out in accordance with the schedule of the Central Bank's payment systems at the current account of its own or other person in the territory of the Republic by submitting the payment order.
Countrywide Transfers
USD, EUR, GBP, RUB and other currencies
  • Transfers are made on the basis of foreign currency transactions of residents and non-residents of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as other existing laws.
"Azerpost" LLC offers a full range of services to individuals engaged in physical, legal and entrepreneurial activity in national and foreign currencies, opening and maintaining postal accounts, and accounts. At present, the organization serves about 127,000 individuals and up to 3,200 legal entities.
Transfers in national and foreign currency, as well as opening and maintaining of postal accounts are regulated by the relevant rules, as well as internal rules and tariffs approved by the Supervisory Board of Azerpost LLC.