Card-to-card sevice

If you want to send money to your relatives or friends who live in another city or abroad, this is very easy with our Card-to-Card service. Transfer money from card to card via ATMs of banks that access the NationalKart network.
 Advantages of the service
   • Affordable rates.
   • Transfer by any ATM on the National Card network
   • The possibility of transfer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
   • No need for filling out any documents
   • It is enough to know the cardholder's card number and the duration of the card
   You can also transfer money to cards issued by resident banks other than issued by Azerpost LLC:
    - Transfer is carried out in two currencies - AZN and USD
 How to transfer Card-to-Card service or transfer money from one card to another?
   1. Insert the card into the cash dispenser:
   The screen displays the "Choose your desired language" information:
        - Azerbaijan
        - Русский
        - English
   2. Select the desired language in the menu and press the button next to it.
   The display shows "Please type your Pin-code and then press ENTER"
   3. Enter your Pin-code and press ENTER
The display shows the "Select the desired operation" information Payments



 Money Transfers

 Residual Account

 Pin-code replacement

 Account statement

 4. The "Money Transfers" operation is selected, the ENTER button is pressed,
   "Currency selection" information is displayed on the screen
        - AZN
        - USD
        - and to give up
   5. Select currency type ENTER or otherwise Cancel button is pressed
    The display shows "Enter the number of card you are transferring."
         - Disclaimer
         - Continue
         - Correction
    6. Enter the 16 digit number of the card you want to transfer, and press the ENTER or ENTER button
   The display shows "Re-enter card number"
    7. The 16-digit number of the card you want to transfer will be re-entered
   The display shows the "Enter the card usage time" information
    Accumulation mode: month / year.
         - Disclaimer
         - Continue
         - Correction
     8. The term of use of the card you wish to transfer is included in the format specified
     The display shows "Enter amount to be reset"
         - Continue
         - Correction
     9. Enter the amount you want to transfer and press ENTER
        The screen shows "Do you confirm the transfer" information?
         - Card number
         - Amount
         - Operation is over
         - No
         - Yeah
     10. The transfer is confirmed and the transaction is considered completed.