3D secure service

"3D Secure" is a type of service that ensures protection against fraud and security of payments through the internet.
Active internet users often have to pay online with a plastic card. At this point, it is often necessary to point out confidential information on sites that are generally credible. Thus, there is a risk of becoming a victim of fraud. This risk increases even when the card is lost or stolen. Using the card on the internet does not create a problem for the offender - all necessary information is marked on the card.
MasterCard cardholders of Azerpost LLC can safeguard their operations via the Internet and significantly reduce the risk of casualties. This is achieved through the application of the technology called "3D Secure" in ensuring the security of internet payments.
The principle of this modern technology is to ensure that customer authentication is done more securely with online payments through a special "3D Secure" password that is specific to the client and is not marked on the card.
When paying for goods or services on sites that support the "3D Secure" security standard, the customer enters the "3D Secure" password and only after the password has been confirmed.
The customer may also change the "3D Secure" password or disable this service on the payment card that he / she signs up. To activate the payment card on "3D Secure", use the link below:
"3D secure" service is free of charge.
 For additional information, please contact (012) 431 22 02.