Customs clearance and customs duty
Each item containing goods (products) must be accompanied by a properly completed CN22 mark and CN23 customs declaration. The CN23 form is filled in 4 copies, one of which is delivered to the sender, one is stored in the Post Vehicle Center (the Customs), and the two numbers are packed in the envelope firmly on the face and sent along with the shipment to the destination country
In addition to the customs declaration, invoices may also be required for goods to be sent for commercial purposes. Under the Universal Postal Convention, postal operators are not responsible for filling in customs declarations. The compilation of customs declarations concerns only the sender's responsibility. We recommend that our customers fully and accurately identify the CN22 mark and CN23, as well as the names of the items, the amount of each item's value separately, and at the same time, to avoid delays of customs clearance and customs problems. It is unacceptable to mention the names of items sent in general (eg clothes, gifts, food products, perfume, etc.). International postal items, whose value does not exceed $ 1,000, are exempt from customs duties.